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NVCN and Texas State University In Service Learning Collaboration

As announced in our Newsletter last spring, NVCN and the TSU  College of Health Professions,  School of Health Administration San Marcos, TX engaged in a collaborative In Service Learning project involving undergraduates and graduates in the Health Services Marketing track. This is the second In Service Learning project between NVCN and TSU, the first project was completed during the 2016 summer session, working with Dr. Cristian Lieneck, Associate Professor. 

Dr. Lenieck worked with Tammy Glenn, Caregivers of Ventura ED and NVCN Board Vice President, and Jim Archer, NVCN Board Secretary. They worked to identify topics and the scope of work for the In Service Learning projects for both the undergraduate and graduate students. Numerous topics were identified and discussed, and settled on two subjects. This first category of subjects for the undergraduate students was to address this question: "Building NVCN Brand Loyalty from Members and non Member VCO’s". There were four teams of students, and each team worked a different topic related to the subject. Each of these topics was intended explore potential areas of improvement in member benefits from NVCN. 

The four topics of investigation were: 

1. National marketing and management the CAREGIVER CANINES Program

2. Marketing the Office Depot initiative to member programs

3. Building an overarching brand and logo for Volunteer Caregiving

4. Uber incentive program for members

The graduate students served as consultants and mentors to the undergraduate students. 

Each project used a variety of methods of discovery, direct contact with programs by email and telephone, surveys, web searches and investigations. For those of you who participated with these students, thank you for your support. Each project met at least three times with Jim and Tammy by teleconference and video-conference. Their final exam was a video-conference final presentation to NVCN. The deliverable was some form of hard copy, ppt, pdf, mpeg. If you wish to receive a copy of any of these, let us know so NVCN can post these in the members section of the website. 

While this is a fourth year course in the Health Services Management and Administration curriculum, this class is the first exposure to marketing for most of the students. In general, the recommendations are good, and can be implemented. The CAREGIVER CANINES project interviewed Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey and came to a good understanding of the program. The team provided and end to end set of recommendations, some will be used by CVCJ. Their report out is worth the read. The Office Depot was a strong team with a very good leader. They collaborated with NVCN, Office Depot and conducted an opinion survey of the 25 enrolled programs and other non enrolled programs. They made a number of solid recommendations, such as, Simplify sign-up process, Communicate information regarding initiative regularly, Clarify benefits to both NVCN and member organizations, among other points. The Uber team ran into the difficulty of working with Uber. They have a strong proposal but Uber is probably not the best choice for this study as they were  not consistent in their approach to a rewards program. 

Next Steps 
We are entering the Fall Semester, and will be working with a new set of students starting in mid October. We are in process of developing ideas for topics for this new class. If you have a topic you want these students to study, either for your local program or the National, let us know with comments in the Google Group, or contact Jim Archer at jimbigarch@pacbell.net.


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Click here for the Canine Caregivers video.

You can also click here to view in Facebook

NVCN has entered into an agreement with Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey (CVCJ) to distribute their Trademarked Therapy Dog Program to NVCN affiliate members.

For a small initial and annual fee affiliate members will receive the right to utilize the Caregiver Canines®Trademark as well as training, mentoring, and tips for successfully incorporating the program into existing services.

Caregiver Canines® has been bringing joy and companionship to the Homebound since 2009. And to Volunteer Caregiving Organizations CCP brings new volunteers, new sources of revenue, and new marketing strategies.

"You should consider bringing Caregiver Canines® to your community, you'll be glad you did!"

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National Volunteer Caregiving Network (NVCN) is pleased to introduce an exciting new member discount program through a partnership with Office Depot/OfficeMax.  Companies currently accessing this collaborative national program have experienced an average savings of 20-30% over their prior office product costs.  Here are just some of the many benefits you’ll receive when you sign up for this program.

Office Depot/OfficeMax Program Benefits

  • Up to 80% off Manufacturer’s Suggested List Price.
  • A core list of 670+ frequently ordered, deeply discounted products.
  • Free, next-day delivery on orders over $50, depending on your location.
  • Access to the award winning Business Services Division website for placement of orders, online catalog, stock availability, order history, product returns, and usage reports.
  • The support of a local account manager who is responsible for total customer satisfaction.
  • In addition to office supplies, you’ll also receive discounts on office furniture, print/copy services, custom business forms, stationery supplies, promotional products, lunchroom provisions, and janitorial supplies.
  • A discount program to extend to all of your employees.
  • The Office Depot team will provide your company with on-going creative and innovative procurement solutions by identifying preferred product and process improvement opportunities.

How does it work?

6 Shopping Cart Image

Shop in the store: Print your own NVCN Store Purchasing Card or link your favorite business or personal credit card to the special pricing.The SPC is linked to the special pricing. You can take it with you to any store in the country and present it at the register at the time of checkout. Your special pricing will be applied and then you can pay with cash, check, or credit card.

7 Mouse Image

Shop Online:Create an online account by linking your favorite business or personal credit card to the special pricing or register for an invoice billing account.Receive new account information (subject to credit approval) and have the option to request a Store Purchasing Card that invoices your company for all purchases made in the store.

NVCN is very pleased to make this program available to our members. In addition to saving you money, supporting this program drives an essential stream of support to NVCN.

Members can register for this program at the “Register” button. 

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  • McCoys
  • Seton Medical Center - Hays
  • Ride Scheduler
  • Hope Hospice
  • Assisted Rides

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July 2015 Newsletter

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July 2015

In this Issue:

NVCN Initiatives




Issue No. 62 News You Can Use is a publication of NVCN. Mission is to create independent living through advocacy and support and development of local volunteer caregiving programs. Vision every community deserves an interfaith volunteer caregiving program; we are working to make that a reality. Mention of any company name or product does not constitute an endorsement by NVCN.


A proud sponsor of the 2014 Conference.

Dedicated to Creating the Choice of Independent Living Through Voluntary Caregiving
NVCN Initiatives
Dear Colleagues in Care,
In the past six (6) months, NVCN has been seeking the best pathways to promote independent living through volunteer caregiving in the US. In this search, we have learned from a variety of funding sources, and advised by experts in the nonprofit sector, that it is imperative for a national office to provide significant value to local communities and programs. It is the ability to measure and express this value that will allow NVCN to attract funding to both develop greater member services, and become proactive in expanding the impact of our collective work on a national basis.
In the more than three-decades since the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nation Initiative commenced, life expectancy in the US has increased more than four years.  In 1980, the US population over 65 years of age was 25.6 million. Today, this number is estimated to be more than 45 million, and is projected to be 83.7 million in 2050.  Whether these people are classified as disabled, chronically ill, or simply suffering from the vagaries of aging and normal functional attenuation, the need for lay, volunteer assistance to perform even a few activities of daily living (“ADLs”) to millions of individuals is great and growing.
We seek to provide active, hands-on assistance to established local programs with sustainable funding strategies, AND to proactively create new programs in communities not yet served. We would be pleased to help avoid any attrition of established programs, now numbering between 400 and 500, and to double (or more) that number of programs--and the national impact on our collective Care Recipients--in the next 3-5 years.The demonstration of know-how and significant impact on a national basis are essential for us to attract substantial funding that may include funding to help established programs transition to more sustainable funding structures, i.e. more secure, ongoing funding, rather than month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter fundraising that has to be done continuously to support operations.
These purposes are served through our having collective knowledge and understanding of how independent living is achieved through our caregiving, and maintaining a continuous effort for process improvement for even greater impact.  One rudimentary example is provided by our member program in Central Oregon, Volunteers in Action. Last year, with a $60,000 annual budget, a 0.8 FTE Executive Director, and a roster of 170 part-time volunteers, this Program enabled 600 unique individuals to remain living independently for another year, and provided respite for their primary caregivers:  $100 per person per year. All of our programs have such stories, and it is incumbent upon us to both know such figures, and to utilize  them to garner continuing support from our communities through permanent associations, collaborations, and partnerships with healthcare providers, other service organizations and corporations, and local leaders.
To this end, we are developing a research program, and are currently seeking grant support. This project would be led by one of our voluntary Trustees, Dr. Amanda Sokan, noted gerontologist and educator, with contributions from NVCN Chair and other Trustees. We hope for this to be the first of many studies to help us all in our effort to describe the impact we have, and to better measure and increase our effectiveness in so doing. 


Douglass Myers

Webinars by Demand! -  July Addition - Strategic Operations - Gary Tucker

Tune into our latest webinar here. We suggest that you jot down any comments or suggestions that you might have. At the beginning and end of each presentation, you will find the presenter's information provided. Each presenter has agreed to respond to inquiries regarding their presentation.

In order to meet your needs, at the completion of this training, please take a moment to complete this quick survey

If you would like to contribute a presentation, please submit an application here.

"Webinars by Demand" is an NVCN member benefit.  Not a member?
Join now!

Monthly Matters:  Technology & Social Stuff

Is your organization utilizing Pinterest? Maybe you should!

How do VCOs need to adapt to changing tech? Perhaps, this Huffington Post articlecan be used to put your mind to work.

NVCN is currently working on a web template to benefit member programs without a web presence. This template will also be utilized in our turn-key program kit. If your web site has not been updated in sometime, you may want to consider utilizing this adaptable template.

Network News:

At Verde Valley Caregivers, Sedona, AZ, grant funds have purchased nearly 700 Guardian Angel Medical Alert units to keep at-risk adults connected when they need assistance and are unable to reach their telephone.

"Thank you so much for my Guardian Angel. I feel so much safer living alone now. I know that help is just a button push away!"- VVCC Neighbor 

Island Volunteers, Bainbridge Island, WA, offers Flowers From the Heart. Each summer week, community gardeners donate flowers for IVC volunteers to assemble bouquets and to deliver to IVC Care Recipients.

This "little piggy" went to Foothill Caring Corps to be emptied. "Piggy Banks for thepiggy 2

Corps", are delivered by volunteers, when full they are returned to IVC, replaced with an empty piggy, and a recipt is given for the donation. 

Have you wondered what other tag lines/sayings VCOs are using? Below are a few we find inspiring.

"A Neighbor's Independence Depends on You"
"Give a senior a ride and get a lift for yourself."
"The gift of a lift."
"It's more than a ride."
"Driving Force:  Volunteer drivers are the FORCE that makes FIAG go!"
"We get You There"
"Drive to Care: Experience the Power of Caring!"
"Preserving the Independence of McHenry County Seniors"
"Giving the Gift of Time" (Respite volunteers)
"People Who Care...Helping People In Need"
"Help for the Generations"
"Connecting People in Need with Caring Volunteers"

This is only a small sample of our membership. We will follow up with several next month.

Excellence Award applications to open in September. We asked Jennifer Waggener, Executive Director of Faith in Action of Greater Kanawaha Valley, to comment:

   "Being recognized with this honor helped our program in a couple of different ways.    Most important to me was the credibility and confidence it gave my Board members    in the status of our start up program and the progress we'd made over such a short    period of time. It gave them an outsider's perspective on the things we were doing      well and an endorsement that we were on the right track."
   "Coverage of the honor in local media was a credibility builder to the larger
   public audience and our referrers."
   "As a new nonprofit with not very much money, the award dollars were a blessing!"

...And don't forget our "Display NVCN and Win" Next drawing September. We have found NVCN displayed on several organizational sites. Be sure you are "Displaying to Win". 
NVCN Membership benefits YOU & YOUR organization:
  • Establish your credibility and professionalism
  • Enhance your network
  • Expand your knowledge
  • Exposure nationally
Display with pride and win!

How is "Display NVCN and Win" administrated?

When NVCN staff are surfing affiliate web sites, we will look for the NVCN Logo, or if you would like to notify us that you have the logo displayed, we will verify it and enter your name into the quarterly drawing.

What is the reward?

The program will be awarded pro-bono support from a consultant, designer, or a tangible item with NPO tips. For more details see the NVCN news flash recently distributed. Next stop:  September drawing, be sure your VCO is Displaying to Win.

Has your program moved?
Are you a newly hired executive director?
Has your web site or email changed?
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Thank you to our San Marcos 5K Stampede sponsors!

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