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Dedicated to Creating the Choice of Independent Living Through Volunteer Caregiving

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Background Investigation Bureau 
CIMA Volunteers Insurance
Kate Tolliver and Associates
RideSchedular Scheduling Service
Shepherd's Center of America (SCA)





Protect What Matters

As an organization dedicated to helping others, we understand your need to protect what matters. An important part of protecting your organization is background screening volunteers. But not all background checks or providers are the same. BIB is here to offer you the most reliable screen at a great price because we are committed to helping organizations screen better! 

The National Volunteer Caregiving Network has partnered with BIB to provide quality background checks for your volunteers via our online platform, Secure Volunteer.


How can Secure Volunteer solve your screening challenges?


  • Removes paper with an online platform
  • Allows volunteers to enter their own information
  • Manages who has been screened and when
  • Helps ensure compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Offers secure ID cards
  • Streamlines the process with automation of notifications, expirations and rescreens
  • Provides the highest quality screen
  • Facilitates the approval process, which can cut review time by up to 80%
  • Reduces cost and turnaround time
  • Self-pay options for volunteers

We'd love to show you a quick demo of how Secure Volunteer works!

Simply go to our site and complete the form.





We are happy to be a partner with NVCN, and look forward to working with you to protect your great volunteers. This page includes information about our unique program, and a link to the application that you can either submit online, or print out to mail with your payment.



Kate Tolliver & Associates, Inc. specializes in providing full wrap around support services for small business and nonprofits. We understand the importance of having the support you need, when you need it.

We have a broad range of services and a staff with diverse skills and areas of expertise. What sets us apart is our ability to customize a plan specifically for your needs, based on rates, expectations, deliverables and not on a strict hourly rate.

This means if you need support for any of a variety of tasks such as bookkeeping, grant writing, development of best practices, policies and procedures, website management or email management; you will meet with a member of our team and discuss the skills and time required to agree to deliverables and establish expectations.

This is where we stand apart, you contract with us for a percentage of FTE and we provide you with a whole team of experts who will see that your needs are met for the agreed upon fee (*some direct expenses are reimbursed by the client and will be fully disclosed in advance). Now, you have an entire team working with you to provide all the services you need. We have over 100 years of combined expertise in the following areas:



And, because we know that not everyone works the same hours or is even in the same time zone, we are available to
you between the hours of 7am and 7pm Central Time (evening and weekend availability can be arranged). Better yet,
you do not have to decide on specific hours. You decide how many FTE hours you want to engage, what the outcomes
should be, and that is what you pay for. No more guessing what specific hours you need to be filled, we provide you
with the support you need, when you need it. You now have a team of experts available to you, as you need them.

  • Need bookkeeping and financial management and reporting done; we can do that!
  • Have a grant opportunity you want to apply for or need a development plan; we can do that!
  • Need some governance support; we can do that!
  • Need policies, procedures or best practices written or reviewed; we can do that!
  • Just need some help with a project; we can do that too!
  • Need something; just ask!


If you are a nonprofit or a small business with any support service’s needs; chances are we can provide exactly what you are looking for!

In support of NVCN, members receive a 5% discount off our already low nonprofit rates. Connect with us today!




Scheduling Solutions

Are demands for rides overwhelming your organization? It is probably time to move to a web based solution.


Details regarding Ride Scheduler





NVCN's collaborative agreement with SCA has exisited for over a year. We are exicted that we continute to work together to provide our members educational and networking opportunities. We are currently working on the 2014 joint retreat and our members have benefited from their web seminars over this past year. 

The Shepherd Center's, 50+ in number, are located throughout the United States.  Their mission closely aligns with ours.

Rhonda Anderson, Executive Director of NVCN, stated, "We are excited about the opportunity to work beside this quality organization to accomplish joint goals. This partnership will serve to enhance and increase the benefits you receive from your NVCN."

"SCA is honored to partner with NVCN to build awareness and increase financial support for the important volunteer caregiving services local programs are providing around the country. Together, we believe we can make a difference, one community at a time." says Sarah Cheney, SCA Board Chair.