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Dedicated to Creating the Choice of Independent Living Through Volunteer Caregiving

NVCN Round Table Discussion

NVCN Round Table Discussion 
Getting on Message to Demonstrate the Impact of Volunteer Caregiving 

Thursday, July 27, 2017
9- 10:30 a.m. PST 

Program Directors Eric Ehst, Arizona's Neighbors Who Care, and Tammy Glenn, California's CAREGIVERS, can show you how to collect data and do the numbers.  The challenge they wrestle with is how to use the numbers to effectively communicate the value of volunteer caregiving in their respective communities.  Let's talk about it.  If we can perfect our local arguments, then NVCN can make a stronger case for us nationally.  We know that Volunteer Caregiving is one of the oldest and most utilized from Boston to Florida, throughout the heartland to the territories of Guam and Puerto Rico.  We know it.  Now let's find a better way to illustrate our impact and strengthen our ties in new arenas where Volunteer Caregiving remains a hidden secret.  To help us guide this conversation, please submit your questions and thoughts in advance to Eric Ehst <nwcexecdir@gmail.com> and Tammy Glenn <tammy@vccaregivers.org>.

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Conference Workshop Handouts - 2014

Workshop Handouts NVCN/SCA conference Oct 2014 Lake Junaluska, North Carolina (pictured Karin Cox, Hartsook)cox karin 300

 ED Transitions -  Jeanette Wojcik 


 "What Could Possible Go Wrong? Managing volunteers' accident and liability risks."  William Henry, CIMA, Volunteers Insurance Services Assoc.
Insurance Basics for Nonprofit Organizations
MVR acceptability checklist
Preventer Papers introduction - Injury prevention and auto safety
Preventing acts of dishonesty
Sample risk management policy
Volunteer risk questionnaire

"Strategic/Operational Planning for Nonprofits" Gary Tucker, Good Shepherd Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers
Conference Presentation Strategic PLAN

 “Connecting the Dots—Developing and Nurturing Meaningful Connections”  Linda Lewis, Shepherd’s Center of Winston Salem, Faith in Action Care Program.                                                          
Developing and Nuturing

 "Are We Making an Impact on People's Lives? How can we really know?" Sam Matthews, ED, Shepherd's Center of Greater Winston Salem

Impact Presentation

 "Strategic Expansion to New Geographic Areas" Betsy Solomon, SC Webster Kirkwood
Expansion to Douglass
Expansion summer 2014
Expansion fall 2014

Board Staff Relationships - Marcia Scheideman

Mindful Caring for Professionals - Dr. Jacquelyn Browne

Let's Tell Our Story - Dr. Jacquelyn Browne