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Excellence Awards

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 Excellence Awards

Sponsored by the National Volunteer Caregiving Network & RideScheduler

One-thousand dollars will be awarded in January 2016 to two NVCN member programs who demonstrate use of the best of the best not-for-profit/volunteer caregiving practices. Applicants will be vetted against volunteer caregiving benchmarks.

The Excellence Awards application process offers a unique opportunity for organizations to undergo self assessment and to receive valuable feedback.

Two Awardees will receive $1,000, a six month subscription to RideScheduler managed transportation services, a “no-charge” year from NVCN and bragging rights to tout their outstanding accomplishments. Additionally, applicants meeting a high level of the requirements will be honorably mentioned.

The application process will open September 1, 2015 and close November 30, 2015. Awardees will be announced in January of 2015.

For additional information, please contact, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 512.582.2197.

Frequently Asked Questions/Application Request:


     What criteria will the judges utilize? 

The Eight Areas of Nonprofit Excellence, created by the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York has been adapted and will be utilized with permission, as the basis for determining two outstanding NVCN member Volunteer Caregiving Organizations (VCOs) that show the way for all members.

 What are the Awards?

The selected applicants will each be donated $1,000, a year of no-charge membership, and a six month subscription of RideScheduler. Other applicants may be honorably mentioned.
Why is the application so lengthy?

The award application, necessary for award eligibility, will also serve to help you evaluate your volunteer caregiving organizational practices against the best of the best standards. With this award, as with all of NVCN opportunities, it is our aim to help make each of our member organizations become the best of the best VCOs in the nation.

What Defines the Excellence Awards?

Volunteer Caregiving Organizations play a critical role in enriching and improving communities and the lives of seniors and those with long-term health issues throughout the nation. The 2015 National Volunteer Caregiving Network (NVCN) Excellence Awards, (sponsored by NVCN and Ride Scheduler) will be presented to two NVCN members who best demonstrate excellence in VCO management. The Awards recognize and promote management excellence and highlight best practices that help VCOs better serve their communities and achieve their missions. 

Who is eligible to apply for the Awards?

The Awards competition is open to any NVCN member 501(c) (3) nonprofit VCO. The competition is free to all NVCN member applicants.

Applications are welcome from small as well as large VCOs, relatively new or well-established NVCN member VCOs regardless of mission, religious affiliation, ethnicity or, socio-economic community. In reviewing applications, the Selection Committee will take into account the management resources available to each VCO in terms of funding, staff and volunteers. Start-up VCOs are eligible, but the application and awards process focuses on management track record and results, not future plans.

What is the value of the Award?
For 2015, a total of $2,000 will be awarded, $1,000 to two awardees. Winning VCOs must demonstrate excellence in multiple key areas of management. Winning VCOs will also receive six months of RideScheduler scheduling services and one year of paid NVCN membership. Perhaps, the biggest value will be the honor and prestige that will accompany the awards.

Additionally, an undetermined number of applicants that meet a high level of the requirements will be honorably mentioned.

What process will be utilized for selection of the Awards?

The Selection Committee for these Awards is firmly committed to judging all applications fairly, only taking into account their size, age, purpose and other factors in order to realistically adjust expectations of and assess achievements of their specific management practices.

What are the key factors for consideration?

Key factors considered by the Awards Selection Committee in reviewing applications and selecting awardees are the Eight Areas of Nonprofit Excellence created by Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York :


• Overall management focus on results
• Governance structure that moves the VCO forward
• Strong, transparent and accountable financial management
• Inclusive, diverse and responsive VCO practices
• Enlightened use of human resources
• Appropriate and reliable information technology systems
• Regular and effective communications and use of communications technology
• Effective and ethical fundraising and resource development

The Awards identify excellent managment practices that all VCOs should be striving toward. 

What does the future hold for the Awards?

It is our hope that applicants will understand the value of reviewing management practices is time well spent. In future years, it is our goal to:

• Increase the monetary value of the award
• Receive applause for marketing stimulation
• Offer a seal of excellence in conjunction with the awards

How do we apply?

On-line applicants via Google Drive are the only acceptable responses. If you need assistance with the technology, please do not hesitate to contact us. Completed applications are due on or before close of business on November 15, 2015.

I am an NVCN member, please send me the link to the Excellence Awards application:

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Additional Questions?

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